Status Update~!

For all my reader! (Even though I still only have 2 follower~ 3 including myself… orz) I’m sorry to go missing with no news… It just that, I was on my last semester of my high-school’s third years and I want to focus more in my study(?). So, I won’t be updating anything for some time right now. I will be back after I got myself into a college and settle myself on the college’s life~ That’s all about my current status~ Wish me luck so I can get into my desired university department (trying to get into the faculty of programming / computer science)! Thanks and bye~

Leader of Kami Association

                                                                                                                                     Asakura Ouryuu


Asakura here~ my exam will end in 2 days, yay~ I have several news for everyone that happen to read this~

Right now probably no one gonna read tis, but who care’s? Not me at least~ I did say that I’m going to start writing my original stories after my exam finish right? Yeah, I’m still planing to do that but who know if something going to happen before that… Continue reading


Hello everyone~ Welcome to Kami Association Headquarter!

I’m sorry for the lack of post and story right now, after all I still have some exam to do Orz

I will start writing when my vacation come or when the exam finished~ so please wait patiently~

By Asakura Ouryuu

Leader of Kami Association